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  • Communication with investors and shareholders is one of the most difficult tasks in larger insolvency proceedings. Here - as well as regarding the public relations for our law firm’s insolvency mandates in general - möller pr's consultants do an excellent job. Whether small or institutional investors: möller pr uses its great experience and sensitivity to ensure that investors always know what ist going on. This is decisive for the success of insolvency proceedings.

    Flöther & Wissing

    Prof. Dr. Lucas F. Flöther
    Founding Partner
    Flöther & Wissing

  • Reorganizations and insolvency proceedings naturally cause considerable agitation among stakeholders. Möller pr has consistently proved its ability to quickly create new trust through skilled and long-term oriented communication. The agency possesses distinct sensitivity and intuition in dealing with all important parties involved, not least with employees and labor unions. Also, möller pr does excellent work in terms of supporting the search for an investor.


    Joachim Exner
    Managing Partner

  • Especially when it comes to the search for an investor under difficult circumstances, möller pr is first-rate. The agency not only regularly succeeds in keeping the accompanying news coverage under control and reducing side noise to a minimum. It also has actively made decisive contributions towards a successful outcome several times. The consultants’ availablity and reaction time is exemplary.

    Schultze & Braun

    Volker Böhm
    Schultze & Braun

  • möller pr has been supporting us for many years now in our larger insolvency cases and reorganisation mandates. They do their work with highest professionalism, assertiveness and diplomatic skills. Not least in a number of fraudulent insolvency cases have we benefited from these skills: möller pr manages to ensure time and again that facts and achievements find their way into the media coverage – however agitated the mood may be.


    Dr. Bruno M. Kübler
    Founder and Managing Partner
    KÜBLER Rechtsanwälte

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  • Protective shield proceedings where the management stays in charge and is only supervised by a court-appointed custodian (“Schutzschirmverfahren”) are often still associated with bankruptcy. Hence, in these cases it is often particularly important to pursue an active and clear communication that sets a positive tone from the start and constantly keeps in touch with both the media and the target groups. With its experience, its skills and its initiative, möller pr is a very important partner to us when it comes to PR in reorganisations of any kind.


    Burkhard Jung and Dr. Stefan Weniger
    Managing Directors
    Restrukturierungspartner jwt GmbH & Co. KG

  • When it comes to communications during crises and reorganization processes, our experience with möller pr has been excellent. One of the recent examples includes the successful reorganisation of a globally known German company under the German equivalent of Chapter 11. The agency stands out due to its strategic intelligence, its distinct political experience as well as its outstanding media network. Last but not least the agency’s consultants are uncomplicated and pleasant to work with.


    Alfred Hagebusch
    Managing Partner

  • Building trust is a crucial factor for success when it comes to restructuring an insolvent company: In order to keep the company up and running, a quick recovery from the shock that inevitably comes with the bankruptcy filing is essential. And restructuring will ultimately only suceed, if all relevant parties involved - lenders, clients, employees - believe in it. By way of prudent, strategically directed communications, möller pr makes a decisive contribution to rebuilding and sustaining trust with all relevant stakeholders.

    Eckert Rechtsanwälte

    Dr. Rainer Eckert
    Eckert Rechtsanwälte

  • Either as CEO or CRO I worked with with möller pr on several reorganizations of medium-sized industrial companies. The agency knows exactly what matters in corporate distress situations. Furthermore, the cooperation is highly professional and uncomplicated. I can recommend möller pr without any reservations.

    Tom Graf
    Turnaround Manager

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