Customer Voices

  • möller pr did a magnificent job of developing and positioning our topics in the context of the current trends. Thanks to this, we attained placements in high-class media that far exceeded our expectations.

    Cromwell English

    Peter Endress
    Cromwell Business Resultancy AG, Zurich

  • EMH Metering is the market leader in Smart Metering. In möller pr, we have found an agency, that helps us position ourselves in the best possible way in the key German market. The agency manages to present even the most complicated topics spot on and in a coherent way that is tailored to a specific target group. The excellent results are speaking for themselves.

    EMH metering

    Dr. Peter Heuell
    Managing Director
    EMH metering, Gallin

  • A PR agency that really knows its job and implements the client's message perfectly!

    F-Secure English

    Hans-Joachim Diedrich
    F-Secure GmbH, Munich

  • FACTON is the world’s leading provider of EPC solutions for the product cost calculation. möller pr possesses an excellent understanding of both, the IT sector as well as the manufacturing industry. An agency that approaches our topics with a sound strategic concept, develops clear messages and reaches our target groups precisely. The results that möller pr achieves for us exceed all our expectations. Their work is done quick, reliable, with utmost professionalism and unconditional commitment.

    FACTON English

    Axel Weese
    VP Sales & Marketing
    FACTON GmbH, Potsdam

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  • As a provider of SAP solutions for the finance sector, fidis is one of the pioneers within the fintech boom. However, our target groups used to recognize this barely. Hence, we decided to get professional support from möller pr in 2011 – and we have been reaching excellent and continuous media coverage ever since. On the basis of clear messages möller pr positions our company within the context of financial trends. We were also impressed how the agency positioned factoring as an innovative financial instrument for the mid-sized sector. As a result, fidis was able to establish itself as one of the main factoring experts within our key markets. Furthermore, our Google rankings are improving continuously which has boosted our sales considerably.

    fidis English

    Otto Johannsen
    Managing Director
    fidis Financial Software & Services GmbH, Kaarst

  • GIZEH packaging is one of the leading providers of rigid plastic packaging in Europe. As a specialist for “Customized Cup Solutions”, our strength is the development, production and decoration of innovative and technically demanding packaging solutions.With strategically sound PR, möller pr has played a key role in positioning us as an innovation leader in our target industries. The cooperation was also very pleasant, and the agency was always reliant.

    GIZEH Verpackungen

    Birgit Klein-Neumann
    Head of Corporate Communications
    GIZEH Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG, Bergneustadt

  • Herbold Fischer Associates is one of the leading HR consultancies for executives in Germany's key business sectors. For several years now möller pr has been working as our pr representation. The agency understands our business as well as our demands 100% and is able to draw the right conclusions as a result. Filled with new ideas, möller pr achieves first class placements in the specialised media from our customers’ industries as well as in national broad-sheet and business-media.

    Herbold Fischer English

    Heiner Fischer
    Managing Partner
    Herbold Fischer Associates GmbH, Frankfurt

  • IMA Dairy & Food is one of the world's leading packaging machine manufacturers. Möller pr exhibits to be the ideal PR partner in order to receive a good media coverage not only in the specialised media but also in the national business media.The cooperation is professional as well as reliable.

    IMA Dairy & Food English

    Markus Ehl
    IMA Dairy & Food GmbH, Stutensee

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  • Within 3 years Infomotion has developed to the leading IT consulting firm for business intelligence solutions in the finance sector. In relation to this, our perception by the general public was disproportionally low - until we decided in 2006 to seek the support of möller pr. Since then we are receiving excellent coverage within all important target media. The cooperation is not only professional but also truly pleasant.

    Infomotion English

    Mark Zimmermann
    Managing Director
    Infomotion GmbH, Frankfurt

  • Headquartered in New York, with offices around the globe, Kaltura provides the world’s leading video technologies for media companies, operators, enterprises, and educational institutions. Due to the work of möller pr, we were able to establish and continue to expand our media presence in the German-speaking DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). With strategic and operative skills the agency takes advantage of the general popularity of video in order to place our news and editorial pieces in a wide range of target publications that are relevant to our business.

    Kaltura English

    Lisa Bennett
    Managing Director of Public Relations & Marketing
    Kaltura, New York

  • For more than three years möller pr has been supporting us successfully in our communications work. We not only appreciate the agency's excellent know how but especially their outstanding commitment as well as their high level of professionalism. Finally, we found an agency which keeps its promises.

    Henry Cull
    Managing Director
    metalogic Software AG, Munich

  • As a globally renowned supplier of office products Office Depot places high demands on its communication. Yet our expectations were exceeded by the way möller pr has managed to convey our marketing messages over the past few years. Due to möller pr's work we were able to extend our media presence in the German-speaking DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) considerably and establish ourselves in our target group’s perception as a future-oriented service provider in procurement. We are especially impressed by the agency's high level of flexibility and creativity. Since möller pr is able to provide the whole range of our PR services on an equally professional level, we are able to obtain everything from a single source: from the social media project, to the press conference to the sales brochure.

    Office Depot English

    Stephan Heitzer
    Marketing Manager DACH
    Office Depot, Venlo, Netherlands

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  • Thanks to our cooperation with möller pr, we were not only able to get coverage of the PHÄNOMENTA Lüdenscheid in top-class scientific and high-caliber business media. Above and beyond this, we are also able to document the success of our press relations in quantitative terms: The positive media coverage has already become noticeable for us in a direct increase in attendance figures.

    Phänomenta Lüdenscheid English

    Gabriele Ansorge
    PHÄNOMENTA Lüdenscheid

  • Due to the work of möller pr, we were able to significantly stand out from the competition in terms of public perception. With its business- and entrepreneurial mindset the agency is placing a great number of topics in all important opinion-leading media for us. Hence, the acquisition of a number of new customers goes back to the work of möller pr.

    Restrukturierungspartner English

    Burkhard Jung
    Managing Director
    Restrukturierungspartner jwt GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

  • A couple of years ago möller pr was recommended to us by one of our partners. As Germany's leading provider of IT security solutions we offer rather complex products for government agencies as well as private companies. However, möller pr's consultants understood immediately what we are about. Especially, their goal and market oriented approach convinced us. Möller pr seizes the relevant topics for us and ensures a constant coverage of our company and our products in all important media. Their reliability and services first rate. We could not be more satisfied.

    Rohde & Schwarz English

    Christian Reschke
    Head of Marketing
    Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH, Berlin

  • RT Reprotechnik is Germany's leading provider for duplications of any kind. Möller pr keeps up with our ambitious growth objectives and supports us with its full commitment in any possible way. The agency understood our business model immediately and was able to present our messages and topics to the public. The agency's work has been beyond our expectations.

    Petra Wallasch
    Managing Director
    RT GmbH, Leipzig

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  • As a management consultant and real estate agent in the healthcare market, TERRANUS operates in a very specific market environment. Yet möller pr time and again manages to develop topics that are not only interesting for our immediate target group, but also for a broader public, highlighting our focus areas. In doing so, the agency not only achieves outstanding results in press and public relations. möller pr is also a much valued partner when it comes to strategic questions. A partner who is not afraid of thinking and asking important questions.

    TERRANUS English

    Carsten Brinkmann
    Supervisory Board
    TERRANUS, Cologne

  • At virtual solution we develop customized software solutions for the elite of the German economy. Möller pr contributed significantly to raising our brand awareness, especially beyond an experts' community. Due to the placement of articles in highly renowned IT media, we were not only able to sharpen our profile considerably, but also present our large spectrum of services to a much broader audience. Möller pr proves to be an invariably reliable partner in all aspects of public relations.

    the virtual solution English

    Rainer Hackenberg
    Managing Director
    the virtual solution, Munich

  • Within a short period of time usedSoft has turned into one of the leading providers of used software licences. A new business concept which faces considerable headwind from established software producers. In möller pr we finally found a PR agency which does excellent product and image PR as well as extraordinarily successful crisis communications - with considerable experience and total commitment.

    usedSoft English

    Peter Schneider
    Managing Director
    usedSoft, Dortmund

  • A couple of years ago Westfalia decided on repositioning itself on the market. With active and strategically intelligent communications work möller pr contributed significantly to transporting our new company's profile to the public. As a result we have been receiving an outstanding media coverage ever since. This cleary exceeded all our expectations. The cooperation is professional and pleasant in all aspects.

    Westfalia English

    Sven Dübbers
    Managing Director
    Westfalia, Rheda-Wiedenbrück

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