Press Work

“News Making” and “Story Telling”

Effective press work can be boiled down to two concepts: “News Making” and “Story Telling”. The major success of our press work is down to the fact that we develop topics and stories which have real newsworthiness – across all channels. In the process we are guided systematically by the requirements of your target media and thereby achieve the best possible publication rates. At the same time, we are one hundred percent focused on your sales goals and the interests of your customers.

1. Product PR
Our most important goal is to support you with the sale of your products and services. Here we take into consideration all factors crucial to the distribution of your products: competition, customer interests, market and industry development and also brand and image building. This applies regardless of whether you work in B2B or B2C business, or whether you distribute simple products or ones requiring explanation.

The result: greatest possible attention among all decision-makers who determine whether or not your products and services are purchased.

2. Brand and image PR
Products and services are becoming more and more replaceable. Success and pricing are therefore crucially dependent on how these are presented on the market and how they distinguish themselves from the competition. In other words: truly unique selling points can only be achieved through intelligent communications.

This is above all critical with such products and services that do not count among conventional branded products. We help you to build up a brand image, even without an advertising budget, that gives you a decisive competitive edge. And not just in B2C but also B2B business.

3. Corporate PR

Intensive corporate communications are an integral component of modern image PR. Transparency in dealings with clients, suppliers and investors creates strong mutual trust and hence genuine competitive advantages.

Corporate communications are not, however, merely the preserve of listed companies and other big players. For many years we have been ensuring that our medium-sized companies, too, inform the public about their corporate success.

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