At the beginning of every project we always ask the same questions: What is your goal? Who do you want to reach? What messages do you want to convey? On this basis, we develop an individual mix of measures and topics that is most appropriate for the defined goals, target groups and messages. We don’t do off-the-peg PR.

We support our customers as a strategic consultant and service provider with a long-term view. We are professionals on an equal footing who speak your language – and the language of your customers. We give ourselves no airs, but have healthy self-confidence. And we are shaped by the experience that things can always be that little bit better.


Developing an effective communications strategy is not an end in itself. What use to you is a presentation drawn up in the best ‘consultant speak’ if the proposed PR projects are neither practically feasible nor appropriate for the target group? We therefore waste neither your time nor your money on consultancy services that do not bring any added value.

Our type of press and public relations work is strategically sound. We set ourselves ambitious, but realistic goals, clearly defining your goals, target groups and messages. And an action plan which guarantees you an optimum cost-benefit effect.


Effective press work can be boiled down to two concepts: “news making” and “story telling”. The major success of our press work is down to the fact that we develop topics and stories which have real newsworthiness. In the process we are guided systematically by the requirements of your target media and thereby achieve the best possible publication rates. At the same time, we are one hundred percent focused on your sales goals and the interests of your customers.


The image your target groups form of you is made up of various sources. Your appearance on the internet, your products, the behaviour of your employees. It is essential for your success that your target groups perceive you as a forward-thinking company. For this, it is crucial that you are not only innovative. You must also show it.

In collaboration with you, we define the topics and trends that are suitable for specifically raising your profile as a creative and forward-thinking organisation. We then bring these themes to life for you – in the formats and channels with which you achieve the greatest impact: as articles or interviews, with presentations or as a social media campaign.


Using social media channels you can approach millions of people in a targeted, individual way. There is only one snag: the people you want to reach via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. must themselves develop an interest in looking for and following you in these environments. For that to happen, you have to offer such topics that the users are actually interested in. Empty words are not enough.

We develop a social media strategy for you by means of which your topics can be conveyed across all suitable channels. And this is done in such a way that they actually reach the target groups relevant to you.


YouTube is the second largest search engine worldwide after Google. This shows the enormous role that moving images play in modern communications today. Videos arouse emotions, and do so far more effectively than texts or photos. As a result, they can convey messages faster and more effectively than other communication formats. This is an essential advantage in a time where the attention span of the target group is steadily decreasing.

Wherever it is sensible, you should therefore integrate videos into your mix of measures and channels. But watch out: users look for information, not for marketing speech bubbles. Your videos must offer your target groups real added value. Whether entertaining, informative or benefit-oriented, whether interviews, reports or tutorials. Above all, however, we make videos that are credible – for this purpose the blockbuster look of expensive image films can be counterproductive. Our concern is to condense your messages quickly and authentically. The advantages are evident: you reach a broad audience, increase attention, stay in people’s minds and create trust. Incidentally, you improve your search engine ranking considerably.


When it comes to specifically addressing customers and other recipients, conventional press and public relations tools are sometimes stretched to their limits. This can, for example, be the case if the target group is particularly small or the topic is very specific. Then, intelligent direct marketing is the logical complement to the PR.

But even with a mailing, a newsletter or with other forms of direct approach, your target groups want to receive factual information, with clear language that gets to the point and offers added value – not with puffed-up marketing speak that conveys empty phrases but provides no benefit.


Once upon a time …

… there was a world in which you covered 90 percent of your target groups with press relations alone. That time is long gone. Today, if you want to reach your stakeholders precisely, you have to address them specifically. This is all the more important because each of these groups can become a multiplier via social media channels – for better or for worse. The quality of your stakeholder communication can make the difference between success and failure.

We ensure that you achieve your goals in this increasingly complicated communications environment. With intelligent communication, we address each important stakeholder group in a targeted manner – with individual messages and formats, via the appropriate channels in each case. Whether residents or NGOs, local politicians or trade unions, suppliers or creditors.


Your company is a learning organisation. It is crucial to your success that you structure, record and share the knowledge obtained. What’s more: your employees must understand your company’s goals. Otherwise, they will not support these goals. And without well informed, loyal employees you will not acquire any satisfied customers.

möller PR offers you the full range of internal communications services – from a notice board posting to intranet content and staff surveys to video productions and strategy consulting. We develop communication tools that create identity and make the necessary changes plausible.


The perspective with which employees and potential employees look at your company is very specific. A candidate for a newly advertised position sometimes pays attention to completely different things than your customers. When the decision is made to accept or reject a job offer, your innovative strength plays a much smaller role than your ranking on employment websites.

We will work with you to assess what you expect from your employees – and what your employees expect from you. Based on this, we make concrete proposals on how you can significantly improve your image towards employees and candidates. If you wish, we can then put these measures into practice together with you.



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