We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients. Our clients’ satisfaction is therefore at the heart of everything we do. This also includes ongoing, rigorous internal quality control and an open, forward-looking corporate culture which has at its centre someone who acts and learns independently.

Our clients can be sure they will acquire the agreed value for their investment. We pursue this goal with the utmost dedication. Our clients do not need to chase us, as we ensure the agreed services are performed on time, in their full scope and with the best results.

Not least, we spare our customers the usual consultant gobbledygook and related fuss. We speak your language – and the language of your customers.

This is us.

Christoph Möller


Founder and managing partner of möller pr GmbH. Focus: Support for major crisis and change projects.

Christoph Möller (born 1964) has almost 30 years of experience in communications. After his studies (politics and history, Frankfurt and Cologne), he worked as an analyst in the Federal Chancellery, as a freelance journalist, as press spokesman for the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHT) and as head of communications and press spokesman for Horst Köhler at the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) and the Eastern European Bank (EBRD) in London. He founded the agency in 2000.

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Julia Hisge

Senior consultant and member of the executive board

Julia’s main areas of expertise include strategy development and project management.

Julia Hisge (born 1980) has more than 10 years of experience in the communications industry. During her studies of German language and literature, sociology and art / media studies in Konstanz (MA), she worked as a freelance cultural journalist. This was followed by positions at the youth TV station Viva as well as the non-public TV station of the Federal Ministry of Defence in the Information and Media Centre of the German Armed Forces. Julia Hisge has been working for möller pr since 2008.

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Sebastian Glaser

Senior consultant and member of the executive board

Main areas of consultancy: Crisis and change mandates and support for industrial companies; responsible for the möller pr CHANGE business unit.

Sebastian Glaser (born 1980) has almost 15 years of experience in communications. After completing his law studies in Freiburg, he joined the agency, where he looks after industrial companies as well as law firms, consultancies and associations. He gained journalistic experience, among other things, in the local editorial department of the Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung as well as in the editorial team of a legal journal.

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Eva Wagenbach

Senior consultant

Eva’s focus is on the support of technology companies and customer acquisition.

Eva Wagenbach (born 1971) has almost 20 years of experience in communication and client consulting. After studying English, German and political science in Cologne (MA), she completed a one-year training course as a press office journalist at the Journalisten-Zentrum-Haus Busch in Hagen/Westphalia. This was followed by positions in the local editorial office of the Cologne Express and the press office of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, among others. Eva Wagenbach has been working for möller pr since 2002.

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Laura Schmale

Senior consultant (on parental leave)

Laura’s focus is on the support of industrial and technology companies.

Laura Schmale (born 1981) has been working in the communications industry since 2003. After studying German, psychology and art and design, she worked for mühlhaus & moers kommunikation in corporate publishing, the branding agency Martin et Karczinski and F&H Public Relations (Porter Novelli), where she was responsible for the PR account of the Weihenstephan dairy. She has been working for möller pr for over 10 years.

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Elena Seifert

Consultant (on parental leave)

Elena’s focus is on supporting clients from the retail and logistics industries as well as PR support for crisis and change mandates.

Elena Seifert (born 1988) has been working in the communications industry since 2012. She gained initial experience during a five-month internship at möller pr. In addition to studying media education and audiovisual communication and culture (MA), she worked as a research assistant in the publication and public relations department at the University of Magdeburg. There she was in charge of press relations, social media channels and large-scale campaigns. Since 2015, Elena Seifert has been working as a consultant for möller pr.

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Anna-Katharina Stelter

Junior consultant

Anna’s focus is on B2B companies, where she is responsible for social media communication, among other things.

Anna-Katharina Stelter (born 1992) has been active in the communications industry since 2017. She gained initial experience at Bethlehem University (Palestinian Territories) as a university communications assistant, where she was responsible in particular for German-language public relations. During her studies in German, literature and cultural studies (MA), she worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Historical Language Research at the University of Bonn. There she worked in the editorial office, among other things. Anna-Katharina Stelter joined the möller pr team as a junior consultant in May 2020.

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Katarina Kuzmicic

Junior consultant

Katarina’s focus is on issue development and social media.

Katarina Kuzmicic (born 1996) has been working in the communications industry since 2019. Before joining möller pr, she gained initial professional experience through internships at agencies and a magazine, and as a freelance social media consultant. During her studies in comparative literature (MA), she worked for around a year at the RTL Media Group, where she was involved in customer management, among other things. Katarina Kuzmicic joined the möller pr team in December 2020.

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Felix Lampert

Junior copy editor

Felix’s focus is on the concept development and creation of PR texts of all kinds.

Felix Lampert (born 1996) has been working in communications since 2019. He studied applied media with a focus on sports journalism/sports management at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (BA). During this time, he gained his first journalistic experience at the Saarbrücker Zeitung, Radio RPR1 and Südwestrundfunk. After his traineeship at the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), a newspaper title of the Funke Mediengruppe, Felix Lampert joined möller pr in March 2021.

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