Meraxis and ClickPlastics cooperate on digital distribution

Muri near Berne/Switzerland, 18. Oktober 2022 – As of now, polymers from ClickPlastics AG are also available in the digital customer portal of Meraxis Group. ClickPlastics specializes in the exclusive distribution of plastic granules from Asian manufacturers. The portfolio ranges from commodities to engineering polymers.

“Since our founding, we have been making very targeted investments in the development of digital solutions that benefit not only our customers but also our partners,” emphasizes Dr. Stefan Girschik, CEO of Meraxis. “It speaks for itself that ClickPlastics will use our customer portal as a digital sales channel in the future. In addition, we are strengthening our own portfolio with the integration of ClickPlastics. The standard and technical polymers are an ideal addition to our one-stop shop.” The cooperation will initially focus on selected markets in Southeastern Europe, including Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Currently, the two partners are also evaluating opportunities for the distribution of biopolymers.

“With its customer portal, Meraxis offers a service in the polymer supply chain that opens up a lot of potential for purchasers and distributors,” says Ralf Eberle, CMO of ClickPlastics AG. “We can open up new markets and customer groups through this cooperation. For polymer processors, we thus offer a procurement channel that is particularly fast, flexible and uncomplicated. This significantly simplifies the procurement process and saves buyers valuable time. These are all reasons why we have always been convinced of the digitization of the polymer trade. This is reflected not least in our company name.”

Meraxis is one of the first plastics distributors to offer a comprehensive digital customer portal. Among other things, users can make material requests for prime material and recyclates, place orders, and view the status of their orders. They get a 360° overview of current and past inquiries, quotations and orders. In addition, delivery times, status, documents, invoices and payment status are stored in the portal; as well as current market data and price developments. “We are continuously working on expanding our digital services – and making them as hands-on as possible,” says Michael und Grysczyk, Head of Digital & Disruptive Business at Meraxis. “Currently, our focus is on the upcoming launch of a tracking function that allows customers to track their deliveries in real time. This will significantly contribute to supply chain transparency and subsequently to our customers’ competitiveness.”

Meraxis is also developing digital solutions to promote the circular economy. A “Material Recommendation System” is already in use, which uses intelligent algorithms to recommend suitable recycled material to processors for their requirements. Another digital project is dedicated to improving the carbon footprint. Digital services like these are created in the “Meraxis Elevator” innovation network. Together with customers, suppliers and other partners, such as the INC Invention Center, Meraxis is working here on the practical digitalization of processes in the polymer value chain. The partnership with ClickPlastics makes it possible to gather experience for the further expansion of the digital service offering through to entirely new business models.


About Meraxis Group

With a turnover of over 2 billion euros, Meraxis is one of the world’s leading plastics distributors. As a full-service provider with a global distribution and logistics network, the globally active distributor, headquartered in Muri near Bern, Switzerland, provides its customers with targeted support in the strategic procurement of plastics: Meraxis supplies companies from all industrial sectors with polymers and polymer-related products for a wide range of production processes – from the automotive industry to the construction sector and packaging companies. Meraxis combines a global partner and supplier network with many years of experience in the development and processing of high-quality polymers as well as in-depth material and product knowledge.

The Group’s product portfolio includes standard plastics (including PE, PP, PET, PVC), engineering plastics, masterbatches (color granules) and recyclates. In addition, the company offers specific products (including metal, films, injection molded parts), as well as machines, equipment and tools for various plastic processing techniques.

The full-service provider also works with its customers to develop solutions to promote the sustainable use of polymers and the circular economy. Meraxis sees itself as an active partner for digital transformation in the plastics industry.

Web: https://www.meraxis-group.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/meraxis-group/


About ClickPlastics AG

ClickPlastics AG is the exclusive distribution partner of major Asian Engineering Plastics manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in distribution together with our Asian partners. At our headquarters in Bensheim, Germany, we not only offer tailor-made logistics concepts in close consultation with our customers and suppliers, but also tailor-made compounds in the field of Engineering Plastics. With our fully equipped laboratory we have the possibility to perform all necessary tests in-house up to first mold trials on our own injection molding line.

In addition to PBT, PET, POM from some of the world’s largest manufacturers, our product portfolio also includes ABS, PC, UHMWPE and, since the beginning of the year, biodegradable compounds for the packaging and agricultural film industry. Here, too, ClickPlastics AG cooperates with one of the world’s largest suppliers from the Asian region. Our team of plastics specialists is constantly working to develop more products to meet the ever-changing realities of the market.

Web: www.clickplastics.com


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