Schletter Group continues to grow and presents new CFO

Kirchdorf/Haag, September 27, 2021. The international solar installation manufacturer Schletter Group remains on course for growth: despite the challenging market environment, the company reported double-digit sales growth in 2021 and further boosted its profitability. By the end of the year, the annual supply volume will exceed 3 gigawatts for the very first time. The company plans to forge ahead with its strategic development with a new and highly experienced CFO on board.

“Our positive development in a year that was very difficult for the industry clearly shows that our corporate strategy is working,” emphasized Schletter Group CEO Florian Roos. Among other things, the Schletter Group has deliberately established a flexible global supply chain in recent years. “Despite steel and freight capacities being in short supply, this move has allowed us to maintain our excellent delivery capability – especially for large-scale projects in all regions across the globe.” One of the world’s largest solar farms with output of 300 MW, for example, is currently being supplied and installed by Schletter on schedule. The company also reached key milestones in terms of product strategy and finances, further optimized its portfolio and increased its financial strength.

In the future, the management team comprising Florian Roos (CEO) and Dr. Cedrik Zapfe (CTO) will continue to drive the company’s successful development with the support of Andreas Rode as the new CFO. Rode’s main remit is to keep the Schletter Group on its current growth and internationalization trajectory and further increase the company’s profitability. He will also focus on tapping into new sources of capital and financing to fund further strategic growth.

Rode has more than 20 years of management experience, both at family-owned companies and in the private equity sector. Most recently, in his role as CEO/CFO, he was responsible for the expansion and further development of the German market leader for direct online kitchen sales, Kiveda Holding GmbH. Prior to that, he worked at vehicle component wholesaler Europart Holding GmbH (as CEO) and at Apollo Optik GmbH & Co. KG (as CFO/commercial director). In all of his professional positions as CEO and CFO, he has built up a track record of tapping into new markets, ensuring sustainable financing for fast-growing companies and driving process digitalization, among other things. Rode also has particular experience when it comes to introducing ESG (environmental, social, governance) structures, a topic that is becoming increasingly important for the corporate sector, especially on the capital market.

Rode will replace Martin Lipp, who is leaving the solar installation manufacturer to relocate abroad. “Over the past three years, Martin Lipp has played a key role in ensuring that the Schletter Group has achieved such positive development, both financially and strategically,” emphasized the shareholder. “We would like to thank him for his outstanding work and are delighted that we have found an exceptionally high-profile and experienced successor in Mr. Rode. He brings the very skills we need for the next stage in the company’s development.”

The next stage in the company’s development will also receive support from an Advisory Board that has just been created by the shareholder, with members including the managing partner of a leading capital marketoriented SME, the management board member of a Tec-Dax-listed company and a proven capital market expert. “We are delighted to have attracted a number of high-caliber members to our Advisory Board whose proven expertise will make a significant contribution to the Group’s growth and strategic positioning,” the shareholder said. From the shareholder’s point of view, the Advisory Board marks an important milestone in the company’s quest to become even more professional and open itself up to the capital market.

The Schletter Group now ranks among the ten largest solar installation manufacturers in the world. The company is planning to further increase its presence in growing solar markets in Europe, North America and Asia. This will involve further expanding global sales structures and creating a broader basis for the company’s production capacities. The company is also planning another product campaign for 2022.


About the Schletter Group

The Schletter Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of photovoltaic mounting systems made of aluminium and steel. The Group manufactures mounting systems for roofs, façades and open areas (solar farms). With an international network of production, distribution and service companies, the Schletter Group is active in all important international markets.




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